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There aren’t many charities that would swim for hours in the Alaskan Pacific with pods of Orcas lurking in the depths. There aren’t many charities putting their lives at risk to benefit others. Madswimmer is a charity involved with daring swimming challenges to raise funds for children. By risking our lives we are investing everything. If we don’t, how can we expect sponsors to invest? Facing threats might mean we’re mad but we have to be even madder not to care”. – Founder Jean Craven.


Upcoming Swims

Port Shepstone KZN to Mbotyi Wild Coast Eastern Cape
The Great Shark Swim in the Agulhas Current. Madswimmer is set to attempt the fastest 100 km swim, in under 12 hours. 1/2/3 ...
0.00% funded
ENDEDGoal: 250.000
Orange River
A sunrise to sunset swim across the Orange River – when the Gariep Sluices are open and the river in full ...
0.00% funded
35 day(s) to startGoal: 100.000
Caring Corporate?
Caring Corporate?
If your company believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just a nice intention you can support Madswimmer in various ways. Contact us at contact@madswimmer.com. We applaud our sponsors who helped us to raise in excess of $450 000 US for various children’s charities!
$ 500 000

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