May Newsletter – 2016

Hi Swimmers

It’s been a while since our October news – and we have all been keeping fit and busy! We’ve had the amazing 24-hour swim, the VanDerKloof Swim, some of our members swam the Freedom Swim and two Madswimmers completed Iron Man in early April.

On top of that, plans are afoot for FOUR incredible swims in the next six months … with special emphasis on the World Record Breaking ‘Lowest Swim’ in November (more below)

Money raised so far in 2016 – such a fantastic start to what we hope to be our best year yet:

24 Hour – R57K

VanDerKloof – R40K


Upcoming Swims

06 August – Italy to Monaco

  • Ospedaletti in Italy, to the Monaco Yacht Club approx. 25km •             Solo or relay
  • R3000 entry fee payable by 18 July 2016– this is for the swim only.
  • In aid of Monegasque Red Cross
  • To enter +27 82 807 3046


15 October – Robben Island

  • In order to qualify to do this swim, swimmers will either need to provide evidence of cold water long distance experience during the last 18 months or will be required to swim a 10km qualifying swim in sub 15-degree water
  • You will need to attend the Winter training camps which will be held in JHB and CT (dates still to be finalised – need colder weather in JHB for water temps to drop low enough)
  • There will be a contingency in place should the water be less than 13 – all swimmers will have to swim in a relay team of 2 or 4 swimmers (we will place swimmers in relay teams depending on their times for the qualifying swims)
  • There will be 2 swimmers per boat – swimmers of the same speed and ability
  • The cost will be R 2.5k per swimmer
  • Entries will initially only be open for solo swimmers
  • The swim will be in the AIDS ribbon shape.
  • Swimmers will need to link onto Back a buddy for their donations to the charity
  • To enter contact / +27 82 7189676


29 October – Crossing Lake Malawi

  • 29 October 2016
  • Starting point Cape Maclear
  • 25km+
  • Cost of entry R2000 ( for the swim only – flights, accommodation, meals etc are additional)
  • Warm water swim
  • Potential Danger – there are crocs and hippos mainly at the southern Cape Ngombo area around our starting point, but the chance of an encounter is virtually zero. People swim and scuba in the lake every day without incident.
  • To enter contact / c. +260 969 412 990


15 November – The Dead Sea

Part two of the Hi/Lo Challenge – swimming the Dead Sea from Jordan to Israel

  • 15 November 2016
  • Jordan to Israel approx. 16kms
  • Solo or relay
  • 50% of budgeted cost (45k) deposited by latest 15 July
  • In aid of Madswimmer children charities (to be confirmed)
  • To enter contact  / +27 82 2149221
  • Follow this link to get insight into this incredible World Record Breaking Swim –


Madswimmer: To those unfamiliar with our brand, Madswimmer is a proudly SA organisation involved with daring open water swims to raise funds for children. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but constantly push the boundaries to do more.

Jean Craven, swimmer and founder,

Meet the MADDIES

MAD experiences

The Lighthouse Swim in Cape Town is set for the 21st May – please visit for entries and information.

IISA hosts Africa’s first Ice Championship at Matroosberg in the Cape on 15 August. To enter, visit

Kes Polar Bear Swim – 4th June – an informal charity swim for the Kes Development Fund – R50 entrance – please contact Graeme for more information (082 4513181)

We want to hear from you! Send us your comments to ( . Until next time!

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