Nome sweet home

With the first sight of glaciers on their arrival at Nome,  the Madswimmers knew this place would be a land of extremes.


The Madswimmers had two unsuccessful efforts to depart from Nome airport, and decided to wait for the weather to clear. Luckily this gave the team a chance to fit in a Sunday lunch. The Russians jumped at the opportunity to show the team how to have a mini picnic in a restaurant with Lard, pig fat and caviar. Afterwards the team booked themselves in at the Nugget Inn- realizing that their overnight stay would be far from a romantic retreat. The main focus now became to communicate with Wales, to determine if there would be a gap in the weather to fly in. While waiting for time to pass, Ryan entertained the team with live music, and the group also went on an extensive tour around town. Finally, the team received the good news that they had a confirmed time slot to fly out to Wales at 12h15 that afternoon. The most valuable lesson that the team learned in Nome- the weather is king!

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