First Group Swahili Channel Crossing

Megan Harrington-Johnson, Emil Berning, Jean Craven, Rob Dunford and Samantha Whelpton.

Swimmers taking part


On 10 October 2015 Madswimmer made history with the first ever group crossing of Africa’s version of the English Channel – the Swahili Channel. Sixteen swimmers completed the 31.8km from Zanzibar to Tanzania in 9 hours and 38 seconds. Five swimmers completed the entire distance, Megan Harrington-Johnson (SA), Emil Berning (SA), Jean Craven (SA), Rob Dunford (Kenya) and Samantha Whelpton (SA). The swimmers left Zanzibar just after 6 am in the morning. Conditions were good overall except for a lot of jelly fish, blue bottles and fire weed en route as well as massive currents and swell for the last 2 hours. The swim managed to raise over R100 000 for Tumaini La Maishi, the children’s cancer refuge centre in Tanzania.