Madswimmer is a charity taking on big swims to tackle big issues,
and to raise money for children's charities


A world record attempt in the Himalaya mountains. The adventure starts 20 April 2024!




The Madswimmer story is one of great friendships, adventure, daring bets and big hearts.

What started off as a late winter night’s bet in a chalet on the French slopes in 2009 has sparked a group of brave individuals to embark on a series of incredible swims every year to raise funds for children in need …

In 2009 Jean Craven and Tim Ziehl took a bet from their friends that they could swim across the Strait of Gibraltar, linking Europe with Africa. So began Stage One and they completed the 17 km crossing from Spain to Morocco in just 4 hours and 22 minutes.

Feeling sorry for taking betting monies collected from their friends, they decided to donate the money to various children’s charities and orphanages and Madswimmer, a registered charity, was born.

Celebrating 10 years in 2020, Madswimmer has gone from strength to strength, building a following of over 10000 fans on social media and a team of more than 400 swimmers from around the world. Since it’s inception, Madswimmer has raised over USD900000 for children’s charities.

Our Charities

These and other charities are supported by our swims.

Childrens Hospital Trust Logo

Childrens Hospital Trust

The Children’s Hospital Trust (established in 1995) is the independent fundraising arm of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

Atlantic Hope

Established in 2010, Atlantic Hope is a safety house for vulnerable babies, providing temporary and immediate placement within a safe and loving environment.

Our numbers speak volumes

Our numbers speak to the many charities we have supported over the past 12 years. I shows our commitment and dedication to making young children lives  better. In the spirit of humanity we push ourselves to make sacrifices and in so doing we ask you to support our cause for future generations ensuring them a better start in life.

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