The Madswimmer story is one of great friendships

About Us

In the dynamic realm of open-water swimming, Madswimmer stands as a beacon of tenacity and hope. Our collective of adventurous spirits has orchestrated 45 thrilling swims since 2009 across the globe, drawing in a formidable cadre of over 450 swimmers from beyond 20 nations, united by a passion for aquatic challenge and humanitarian action.

Among a stream of achievements, Madswimmer proudly boasts 5 Guinness World Records. These feats of aquatic endurance range from the pioneering relay across the tempestuous waters of False Bay in Cape Town to the exhilarating high-altitude swim in Chile’s mountain-locked lakes. They also include a record-setting odyssey from Jordan to Israel at the earth’s lowest point, and two epic competitive swims at the edges of the world in the Antarctic and Arctic Circles.

Of their meaningful swims were historic: a daring swim from San Diego to Tijuana, traversing the US-Mexico border wall. This poignant journey was more than a swim; it was a statement of solidarity, an emblem of hope, and a fundraiser for the Colibri Foundation. With each stroke, Madswimmer championed the Foundation’s mission to repatriate the remains of those who perished while striving for a brighter future, mirroring the intrepid and compassionate spirit of Madswimmer.

Our odyssey has connected all the world’s continents, achieving all six possible one-day swims and marking our presence on every continent, proving that even the vastest of seas cannot quell the human spirit.

But the core of Madswimmer lies not in records or accolades, but in our unwavering commitment to making a difference. Through our swimming endeavors, we have rallied support and raised funds for over 30 South African and international charities. We swim not just in pursuit of adventure, but to become living, breathing heroes to the children and communities we serve, and to set an example of what can be achieved through courage, unity, and a heart for change.