2011 Stage 4: Australasia to Asia

2012 Stage 3: Asia to Africa
Swimmers taking part:

Jean Craven, Andrew “Long Shanks” Mclaggan


On the 21st of October 2011 the team completed the continental crossing from Oceania / Australasia to Asia, covering a 23.3 km stretch from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia (The Island of Papua). Weather conditions on the day were acceptable with the wind gusting up to 13 knots. The water temperature was warm, around 27 degrees Celsius. There were some nerves around the local cannibal tribes, salt water crocodiles and the normal shark threat, but fortunately the swim took place without any incident. A support boat in the form of a local banana boat proved adequate. Shark pods worn by the swimmers also proved some mental comfort. The swim was done by Jean Craven, with support from newcomer Andrew “Long Shanks” Mclaggan, who joined in some section so of the swim and helped on the support boat.


Andrew and Jean were based in a small town called Vanimo, about 50 km from the West Papua (Indonesia) Papua New Guinea Border.


Travelling to the swimming destination was a challenge in itself. The team took a brief stopover in Auckland, New Zealand, to rest and recuperate, before taking on the balance of the trip. Fortunately the rugby world cup was over this time taking place in New Zealand and the swimming team could kill their time watching both semi finals.


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