Madagascar Island Hop

Madagascar Island Hop

Madagascar Island Hop

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All the details on this amazing swim below:

18 to 22 September 2019


A warm water swim between 4 beautiful islands including Nose Komba (aka Ambariovato).

Swim route and distances (weather depending) as follows:

  • Leg 1: Plage Principale Island to Nosy Komba – 10km mark
  • Leg 2: Round Nosy Komba to Nosy Ambariobe – 20km mark
  • Leg 3: Nosy Ambariobe to Nosy Vorona – 22km mark
  • Leg 4: Nosy Vorona back to and around Nosy Komba – 34km mark
  • (finish at Jardin Vanille lodge)

Swimmers can choose to swim all or any of the legs or any other distance of their choice.

  • This is not an event for extreme swimmers only
  • All swimmers are welcome!
  • Swim will take place on best weather day on 19,20 or 21 Sep 2019
    Sunrise at 05:39 and sunset 17:42 allowing 12 hours of daylight to complete the swim.
  • Boat support will be available as safety platforms and to transport swimmers, feedbags and dry clothes.
  • Swimmers need to provide their own feedbags containing food and drinks for the swim.
  • Swimmers will be divided into a fast and slow group each supported by a boat – swimmers in the fast group need to swim sustained pace of at least 1:35/100m.
  • A swim routine will be followed for the duration of the swim i.e. swim 40min, feed 8min, swim 40min, feed 8min, etc. until completion of the swim.
  • There are no “Channel Rules” i.e. swimmers can at any time get into boats to rest and rejoin swim again.
  • Wetsuits (although not needed) are allowed

Entry fee is R3800 per swimmer and R3000 per supporter that covers the safety and logistical costs and excludes flights, accommodation, meals and drinks.

Lastly there are no winners or losers in Madswimmer events – is about challenging yourself with a personal swimming goal and being part of a unique swimming adventure for a great cause!

For further enquiries please contact Francois at

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