Antarctica Ice Swim

The Antarctica Ice Swim


Swimmers taking part:

Swimmers to be announced



Part Two – The Madswimmer Ice Series


Ice Swimmer Notes:


The adventure has 20 places in total, for  Swimmers and support. We will give priority to swimmers as it is an Ice Swimming expedition. We will take swimmers on first come first serve basis, subject to deposit payment.

  • To qualify for a 1km Arctic Swim one must have done
    at least one Ice km under 25minutes in the past 12
  • To Qualify for a Polar Ice Mile, one must have
    completed an Ice Mile under 40 minutes in the past 18
  • Each swimmer must have a completed and valid IISA
    Medical. The medical must be completed not earlier
    than Dec 2019.
  • Each swimmer must have his/her medical insurance.
  • Swimmer will be obliged to wear a tow float during
    each swim.
  • The 1km event will be held with 4 swimmers in a heat.
  • Swim Entries must be done via IISA Website – Arctic
    Ice Swimming Adventure.
  • An Ice Mile is at the expedition leader’s discretion.
    Each Ice Mile will be done individually. In an Ice Mile,
    the 1km time will be used for the 1KM event.

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